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NFLOct 17, 2021, 5:00 PM
Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts


31 - 3

Houston Texans

Houston Texans

Venue : Lucas Oil Stadium

  • Triple threat: Eagles could make history in 2022 NFL draft

    Philadelphia is on track to be the first team with three selections in the top 15 of the draft in more than 50 years.

  • Could rookie Tre Brown be solution for Seattle Seahawks' cornerback issues?

    Brown flashed in his Seahawks debut, as the fourth-round pick's performance in 40 snaps could yield him more time at cornerback.

  • Packers' problems on defense in the red zone reach historic lows

    No team in at least 40 years has failed to get a red-zone stop through the first six games, until now, so Green Bay's challenge is clear.

  • Why the improved Bengals are(n't) ready to challenge the Ravens for AFC North superiority

    There's no doubt this is the best Cincinnati squad in years, but is it good enough to beat Lamar Jackson and the AFC's top team?

  • Bills offense off to good start, but red zone woes must be corrected

    The Bills are too often settling for field goals in the red zone this year, something that came back to bite them in the loss to the Titans.

  • New York Jets rookie Zach Wilson battles the 'Mahomes Effect'

    No one questions the No. 2 overall pick's talent, but he could still be outgrowing habits that helped him in college but are doing him no favors now.